Does Font Choice Affect User Experience?

When creating new website content, social media posts, and emails for your company, there are several things you need to consider about formatting and organization. One of the most important things to consider that people often overlook is the font. Believe it or not, your font choice can have a huge impact on the way your content is absorbed by consumers online. If you are a bit confused, this article includes several reasons why font makes a difference, especially when it comes to user experience and consumer acceptance. Here is what you need to know.


Risky Website Redesigns and Tanking Organic Traffic

People buy based on emotion. A redesign can be a sexy idea, sold to you by a creative agency that knows how to wow and amaze. But, it's rarely in your best interests. Sure, sometimes you reach a point where things are so bad that you have to scrap everything and start over...but how do you know how bad is too bad?

Radical website redesigns are modern-day one-night stands for marketers.

The following graphs show what happened to a new client of ours earlier this year when their previous vendor launched their radical redesign.

Tanking Organic Traffic after a Website Redesign: Why Evolutionary Redesigns are Optimal

Responsive Images And Faster Downloads

It's 2016 and providing good user experience around images has never been more challenging. With high-resolution screens and lots of mobile devices at various browser sizes, developers need to tackle a fundamental tradeoff between a fast user experience (smaller images) and a high-quality user experience (larger images). Luckily - like imagecache/image styles before it - the Drupal community has developed a tool that makes this challenge much more manageable: the Picture module.

But first, let's review what functionality we want around the display of images:

Responsive Images And Faster Downloads

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