Drupal SEO Series: Increase Your Conversion Rates With These Pro Marketing Tips

Now that more consumers than ever are going online to get information about products and services, search engines have become the new gatekeeper, your website the new storefront and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) something akin to a next generation salesman. To reach online audiences, you not only need to sell what you do, but make it easy for people to find you.

6 Nonprofit Website Must-Haves for Optimal Engagement

In a digital age, it’s increasingly important for nonprofits to have modern websites that can engage their supporters.

Many donors prefer interacting with the nonprofits they care about online, so having a professional website is essential to building trust and bringing your work to life.

However, designing a beautiful and interesting website is often easier said than done.

Jeff Gordy is the Co-Founder and CEO of Z2 Systems, Inc., the makers of NeonCRM for nonprofits. Jeff has been working with his team for the last 12 years on building the optimal fundraising, CRM database, and marketing solution for nonprofits. Before starting the company, Jeff worked for the Kidney Cancer Association and knew that nonprofits needed better software solutions to help with their many challenges.

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