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Our high-value solutions for manufacturers

  • Advanced B2B lead generation

    • We build and support websites with advanced B2B lead generation, so that your sales team can track browsing patterns of business prospects.
    • You will be able to target the exact, specific companies who visit your website, what pages they view, when they view it (i.e. after a trade show, so you can gauge interest and marketing efficacy), and what actions they take (or don't take).
    • Contact us to set up a demo.
  • Advanced system integration

    • We integrate with your ERP and proprietary systems so that your website is not an isolated cog in the machine.
  • eCommerce 

    • We have experience with manufacturers wanting to add eCommerce to their business model. We can guide you through a phased approach, and get your site ready for the transition.
  • Lead capture and conversion optimization

    • We support and build for digital optimization.
    • Once a potential buyer visits your website, they won't always take action.
    • They're busy, and may be put off by the user experience, what your website says about your company and brand, or any number of issues.
    • We help guide your prospective buyers and partners down the sales funnel – for some companies, this is as simple (or rather, as complex) as convincing them to call you.

Some of our manufacturing projects

Drupal 8 eCommerce Site: Paddle Manufacturer

Origin Eight developed two visually appealing Drupal 8 websites for a canoe and kayak paddle manufacturer's brands:, featured here, and Both sites were built for an eCommerce phase-in. Our work included a fully-responsive design, mega menu implementation, integration of an external dealer locator, and content migration from a legacy site. Web traffic from organic search jumped significantly with the launch of the new site.

Bending Branches

Rebranding & Drupal 7 Site Rebuild: LED Lighting Manufacturer

Origin Eight did a full-scale rebranding and development of an English version of the company's Japanese web site with multi-lingual capabilities ready to reach a global audience. Our highly-effective collaborative wireframing, prototyping, design approval and project management allow us to work with multiple stakeholders in both the US and Japan as we continue to grow the web presence for the company.

Japan Magnets Inc.