We Do Drupal Right

  • Our team is comprised of true Drupal experts, with team members who've been around since the early days of Drupal, including our CEO.

  • We're active Drupal community participants and Drupal Association members – check out our company page on Drupal.org.

  • We’re regular attendees at DrupalCons and other national and international conferences, as well as being active locally to help organize, sponsor and promote events and camps.


Why Drupal 8

  • Drupal 8 is one of the most future-proof platforms you can choose right now:

    • There is a large, worldwide supporting Drupal community that's not going away anytime soon.

    • It has an open source foundation, without any vendor lock-in.

    • It has a new release cycle architecture that allows Drupal 8 to evolve much more than its predecessor. It also prolongs the need for another major version (i.e. Drupal 9). Some have made the bold statement that there will never be a Drupal 9 – what that translates to is that, when Drupal 9 is eventually released, it will be so similar to the last version of Drupal 8 that updating to Drupal 9 will be as simple as updating between minor versions of Drupal 8. This is a huge deal.


A Few of Our Highly Successful Drupal Projects


Database-intensive website for Plant Information Online

Origin Eight developed this site to leverage the full capacity of multiple databases to combine information and present a powerful, yet easy-to-use search experience.

About Plantinfo

Plant Information Online offers a collection of databases of interest to plant and gardening enthusiasts and students, as well as professional botanists, horticulturists, and researchers. Some of the databases have been available in print (various titles) since 1979 and online through paid subscription since 1997. The whole site is now available free to the general public.

Plant information online website - University of Minnesota

HelpSystems Software, Services and Support

Origin Eight developed a completely new website for HelpSystems, a corporation trusted by some of the world's most respected companies. The project included a redesign of information architecture that centralized all the company's brands and services together seamlessly into one site. Another primary goal was to structure the site for ease of use for content admins.

About HelpSystems

HelpSystems Website

Robina Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice

Origin Eight partnered with the Robina Institute to develop and launch a new website with a mobile friendly interface that highlights important Institute news, research, publications, events and more. The new layout and structure helps to showcase how the Institute joins theory and research with practice.

About Robina Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice

Robina Institute Website

Content Strategy & User Experience Design Project

Our team led multiple facilitation sessions to produce a content strategy foundation; an internal tool which describes the client's motivations and intentions for using their website to achieve business goals.

This practice includes a core strategy statement and a set of guiding principles detailing the approach to the website's content and user experience. With this foundation in hand, we then proceeded to craft wireframes and lay the groundwork for the website's user experience. 

Content Strategy & User Experience Design

Drupal 8 eCommerce Site: Paddle Manufacturer

Origin Eight developed two visually appealing Drupal 8 websites for a canoe and kayak paddle manufacturer's brands: bendingbranches.com, featured here, and aquabound.com. Both sites were built for an eCommerce phase-in. Our work included a fully-responsive design, mega menu implementation, integration of an external dealer locator, and content migration from a legacy site. Web traffic from organic search jumped significantly with the launch of the new site.

Bending Branches

Media Integration Into Existing Site

A Drupal website built for PRI (Public Radio International) a non-profit organization.
Public Radio International's mission is to serve audiences as a distinctive content source for information, insights and cultural experiences essential to living in our diverse, interconnected world.


Public Radio International

Hype Cycle for Education: Data-driven Drupal User Interface

The hype cycle is an analytic model developed by the IT research and consultation firm, Gartner Incorporated, to describe the development, adoption, and diffusion of technologies in particular market sectors. Based on Gartner's analysis of the technology lifecycle, the Hype Cycle for Education tool will enable members of the University community to continuously monitor emerging academic technologies as they progress along the innovation curve and evaluate the advantages of those tools and practices in relation to the University’s mission.

UMN Hype Cycle

Large-Scale Hosting & Maintenance For The Walker Art Center

Mn Artists is dedicated to improving the quality and national visibility of regionally-rooted art, artists and cultural dialogue through a dynamic online community, responsive arts journalism, and by giving artists access to, and connections with, collaborators, influencers and the public. Mn Artists is made possible by generous support by the McKnight Foundation. Origin Eight took over project, and now supports this large artist community site with 24/7 managed Drupal website hosting support and maintenance.

MN Artists