Design and user experience that converts

  • Unlike most digital agencies, our designers are technical
    • It's critical that any designer know basic CMS principles, but our rare combination of skillsets is the ultimate assurance that you will not end up with brochureware that doesn't meet your needs for flexibility or telling your brand's story. 
    • It also ensures that we are not designing for solutions that frustrate developers and waste time – developers can spend countless hours trying to shoehorn bad design patterns into the CMS.
  • We understand user experience and why it's important
    • There are still an alarming number of agencies who do not deeply understand and value user experience work, the strategic work that ensure what we're building will be usable, ready for persuasive copywriting and storytelling, and able to meet your business goals.
    • We understand how important this is to growth of your business, organization or institution. 
  • Our designers understand conversion rates
    • We understand the principles behind conversion rate optimization, as a growth-oriented company.
    • Getting users to perform valuable actions on your website is key, and a large part of it is top-quality user experience and persuasive design.

Here are some design and user experience projects that we did

University Bookstore

We did user experience and information architecture work for the University of Minnesota Bookstores redesign, which we built on Drupal Commerce. It involved a responsive redesign for PC, tablet and mobile devices, followed by the implementation and migration from the legacy site. The site is awaiting internal logistics to launch.

Desktop - Drupal Commerce - UMN Bookstores

Education Africa

Education Africa is a global organization that receives donations from every corner of the world. The Education Africa team wanted to give site visitors an easy way to donate from anywhere, at any time. One of our partners, Singlebrook, built a donor management app using Ruby on Rails, and O8SB (our East Coast division of Origin Eight) provided Education Africa with a beautiful new design that is responsive for mobile users and is built on WordPress for easy content editing.

WordPress Website

Database-intensive website for Plant Information Online

Origin Eight developed this site to leverage the full capacity of multiple databases to combine information and present a powerful, yet easy-to-use search experience.

About Plantinfo

Plant Information Online offers a collection of databases of interest to plant and gardening enthusiasts and students, as well as professional botanists, horticulturists, and researchers. Some of the databases have been available in print (various titles) since 1979 and online through paid subscription since 1997. The whole site is now available free to the general public.

Plant information online website - University of Minnesota

HelpSystems Software, Services and Support

Origin Eight developed a completely new website for HelpSystems, a corporation trusted by some of the world's most respected companies. The project included a redesign of information architecture that centralized all the company's brands and services together seamlessly into one site. Another primary goal was to structure the site for ease of use for content admins.

About HelpSystems

HelpSystems Website

Robina Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice

Origin Eight partnered with the Robina Institute to develop and launch a new website with a mobile friendly interface that highlights important Institute news, research, publications, events and more. The new layout and structure helps to showcase how the Institute joins theory and research with practice.

About Robina Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice

Robina Institute Website

Content Strategy & User Experience Design Project

Our team led multiple facilitation sessions to produce a content strategy foundation; an internal tool which describes the client's motivations and intentions for using their website to achieve business goals.

This practice includes a core strategy statement and a set of guiding principles detailing the approach to the website's content and user experience. With this foundation in hand, we then proceeded to craft wireframes and lay the groundwork for the website's user experience. 

Content Strategy & User Experience Design

Drupal 8 eCommerce Site: Paddle Manufacturer

Origin Eight developed two visually appealing Drupal 8 websites for a canoe and kayak paddle manufacturer's brands:, featured here, and Both sites were built for an eCommerce phase-in. Our work included a fully-responsive design, mega menu implementation, integration of an external dealer locator, and content migration from a legacy site. Web traffic from organic search jumped significantly with the launch of the new site.

Bending Branches

Hype Cycle for Education: Data-driven Drupal User Interface

The hype cycle is an analytic model developed by the IT research and consultation firm, Gartner Incorporated, to describe the development, adoption, and diffusion of technologies in particular market sectors. Based on Gartner's analysis of the technology lifecycle, the Hype Cycle for Education tool will enable members of the University community to continuously monitor emerging academic technologies as they progress along the innovation curve and evaluate the advantages of those tools and practices in relation to the University’s mission.

UMN Hype Cycle