The Power of Digital Impact Optimization (DIO)

4x conversion rates

Emotionally-focused website experiences convert 3 to 4 times better.

— André Morys, Conversion Expert

126% higher profits

Companies measuring web and marketing performance have 126% profit improvement over competitors.

— McKinsey

50% more revenue

Organizations actively using available web and marketing data have 50% higher revenue growth.

— Dell Global Technology Index

13:1 average ROI

Investments in analytic solutions returned $13.01 for every dollar spent on average.

— Nucleus Research

DIO: An Intersection of Three Digital Disciplines


DIO fixes digital marketing funnel leaks while constantly improving the full picture of your website and digital marketing.

It is founded on the principle that knowing is the key to growing.

We employ big, beautiful, strategic ideas backed by split tests, heat maps, and brain-based UX research.



How We Fix Website Revenue Leaks
Make Ongoing Improvements

1. We stop monetary waste by measuring your digital marketing

DIO: Heatmaps and scrollmaps to see where people are scrolling and clicking


Do you know how people are engaging with your website and landing pages?

We measure what your users actually do, what they see, what they click on, how far they scroll down the page – essentially what's important to them. This is important data for fixing digital marketing funnel leaks and making your website traffic convert better and work harder for your business.


2. We also detect areas where leads and sales are impacted by watching movies of people trying to use your website

User experience improvement - watching videos of users trying to use your website

10 times out of 10 (you read that right) we find hesitation, friction, and user experience issues and opportunities with these recordings that are preventing people from contacting you, purchasing a product, downloading a whitepaper – whatever the case may be.
Our goal is to make your website easier to use so that it works harder for you and your business.

These are recordings of visitors' mouse movements. It can be an incredibly rich source of data and helps us detect issues that you would otherwise never catch unless you did formal usability testing on repeat.

3. Once we collect enough data, we "split" test our hypotheses for improvement to show that they will drive revenue


A/B Testing Tool

Using split testing tools (A/B testing) where a percentage of your web traffic goes to the original, and another percentage goes to the improved version.

4. We track analytics and demonstrate ROI on all of the improvements we make



Google Analytics Goal Completions

Using Google Analytics

Changes consist of small to large changes in design, copy, and layout.

5. Sending traffic to a website or landing page that isn't optimized ultimately wastes money. Once your site is optimized, we help you create, track, and automate profitable SEO and PPC advertising campaigns with competitive and strategic insights

SEO and keyword competition


PPC keyword suggestions


Drive business growth by doing better SEO and PPC, then optimize that traffic to convert .

  • "Irreplaceable Partner for Our Business - The team at Origin Eight (O8) has been instrumental in helping our company elevate our web user experience. From a website redesign, to ongoing customizations to CRO recommendations, we rely on this team to support us in managing a website that meets the various objectives of HelpSystems. Thanks for the hard work and killer guidance! Keep it coming." 

    Leila De la Fuente


    Leila De la Fuente
    Leila De la Fuente
  • "We hit deadlines and came in under budget. Website visits have increased 40% since our launch in December and our conversion rates have tripled!"

    Naomi McDonald

    Technological Leadership Institute, University of Minnesota

    Naomi McDonald
    Naomi McDonald

Request A FREE Strategic Report or Demonstration

We will put together a custom strategic report with DIO opportunities and insights for your website and digital marketing.
The report will demonstrate the process of getting more traffic, sales, leads, user engagement, and a better user experience. If you prefer, we can give a personalized demo with one of our experts.

And extension, if applicable.

Case Study:

Using scroll heatmaps we found that users were not scrolling down the homepage of Further down the page were impressive client logos, constituting "social proof" – an important component in increasing trust, engagement, and key business goal attainment. 

Simply moving the client logos further up on the homepage resulted in a 128% improvement in a core revenue driver – product trial downloads – which translates to thousands of dollars per year from a simple adjustment.

This took us a few minutes to spot, then 2 weeks to run a split test, bumping up logos for 50% of the traffic. In just two weeks and a few minutes of our time, they dramatically changed their business.


The results of this experiment are shown below:

A/B testing data showing results of Digital Impact Optimization

Drive Sales and Marketing with Incremental, Evolutionary Improvement

Drive Sales and Marketing with Incremental, Evolutionary Improvement

Redesigning your website every 2 to 3 years is an outdated and risky approach.

Our Approach to Website Redesigns and Digital Marketing Optimization

The Origin Eight Approach

How We Boost Demand and Help You Grow

  • Make You More Money

    Make You More Money By Influencing People to Act

    What if you could make twice the money from the same amount of web traffic? We draw from neuromarketing, user experience, and design to influence people to act once they arrive on your website. 

  • Constantly Improve Your Site's Conversions

    Constantly Improve Revenue-driving Website Conversions

    A website conversion can be as simple as "contact us" or as complex as "buy our product." 

  • Improve Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Site Rankings

    Improve Your Site Rankings and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    We help you optimize your content and the technical architecture of your website so that you rank higher in organic search

  • Provide Keyword Recommendations and Content Strategy

    Provide Keyword and Content Strategy

    We provide content and keyword recommendations based on advanced reporting on your competitive keyword universe, helping you optimize your content marketing efforts

  • Manage Your Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    Manage Your Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    Paid advertising is only getting more costly and competitive. Don’t waste money by sending ad traffic to landing pages that are not optimized to convert.


  • Oversee Your Analytics, User Testing and Heat Maps

    Oversee Your Analytics, User Testing and Heat Maps

    We use analytics, A/B and multivariate testing, user testing, heat maps and surveys to take analytics to new levels, giving you measurable results and ROI. 

  • Evolve Your Site Design and User Experience (UX)

    Evolve Your Site Design and User Experience (UX)

    Dramatic, revolutionary redesigns can lead to unpredictable results because they are not fully backed by real, live user data. Our "evolutionary" design approach reduces expenditures of money and time.

  • Integrate Marketing Automation and Lead Gen

    Integrate Marketing Automation, CRM, and Lead Gen

    We help you navigate and implement the massive ecosystem of marketing automation, CRM and lead generation solutions such as Hubspot, Marketo, and Salesforce, so that you have the best tools to bring in new business

  • Outbound Sales Process Implementation and Automation

    Bring Visualization and Insight to Your Growth Journey

    You can't make sense of or participate in your own growth journey without proper insight into the data behind it. We actively lead you on your path to growth.

We incorporate right-size, right-fit, full-picture digital growth solutions into everything we do.

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