Our Team: Trustworthy and Client-Focused


We incorporate expertise and elegance into everything we do, from our infrastructure to our planning and processes to the final solutions we create together.

Many companies with mission-critical business needs put their trust in Origin Eight. We often get rescue projects from other vendors who messed up, a digital agency who designed brochureware rather than an elegant, workable solution, or code that became unmaintainable from lack of best practices. 

We’re good, personable people who care about our clients, the quality of our solutions, and each other. We're a fun, young-at-heart team who places client services at the top of everything we do. 



24x7 Support Infrastructure and Team Augmentation


We've developed a smart, responsive, client-friendly support infrastructure to handle everything from small requests to large "mini-projects." 

We are strategic advocates for our support clients, and work to promote proactive ongoing optimization services so that you can grow your business, organization or institution.

We integrate tightly with client teams, augmenting your staff with ours. In a sense, we become one team.

We offer proactive support, making recommendations and optimizing as we go along. A subset of our support services is Digital Impact Optimization, which we see as The Future of Support.


Our Process: Agile, Iterative & Incremental

Our Team's Expertise

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Design & Branding

  • User Experience & Interface Design
  • Growth-driven Design
  • Branding & Identity
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CMS Development

  • Drupal CMS
  • WordPress CMS
  • Other popular CMS solutions
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SEO & Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
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Support & Maintenance

  • Security Updates
  • Audit Services
  • Web Hosting
Google Analytics

In the News

Drupal Contributions

Contributions & Community

Our team loves open source content management systems. One of our favorites is Drupal. We also love being a part of the Drupal Community: learning, participating, and contributing. Take a minute to review the Drupal.org Origin Eight page.


O8 Minneapolis Office - 1010 West Lake Street Minneapolis, MN 55408


Minneapolis, Minnesota

1010 West Lake Street
Suites 100-116
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Phone: 612-276-5880
Toll Free1-888-316-3471



What Our Clients Are Saying

“Origin Eight has exceeded my expectations from day one. They worked exceptionally hard to understand my needs and goals, and I’m extremely satisfied with the outcome.”

Andrew Stern - Marketing Supervisor, Branches LLC

Andrew Stern
Andrew Stern

Where winning strategies originate

At Origin Eight, we believe that all that makes us different makes us great. Our commitment to hiring the most highly-skilled talent, our extreme emphasis on our clients' strategic success, and providing world-class client services sets us apart.
We recruit the best talent independent of location, and as a result have cultivated a top-notch team of diverse veterans in the Drupal, WordPress and creative communities. Our team stays on top of the latest and greatest trends and technologies, ensuring that clients stay on the bleeding edge of all things digital.
We are extreme advocates for our clients' strategic success. We push, explore, give options and feedback. We like to win just as much as you do.
We value our clients beyond business relationships. We believe in fostering relationships to best understand the needs of our clients and their organizational directives. The success of your project begins with understanding – of your project, your needs, and your desires for the future of your business. Open communication and a commitment to transparency are fundamental building blocks we believe in.