Twin Cities Drupal Camp talk: "Change your customer's behavior with a brain-based, data-driven approach"

This talk was presented by our CEO, Seth Viebrock, at the 2018 Twin Cities Drupal Camp. The title of the presentation has been changed.

When we say we “optimize conversions” it doesn’t really get at the heart of what we’re doing – we’re changing customer behavior. We’re also learning about deep, emotional values that our customers possess. While there are many qualitative means to this end, there’s a ton of data that’s quicker to obtain and more readily available when we just don’t have the time, budget, or precision to delve into qualitative studies.

Change your customer's behavior

"Optimizing Drupal for Digital Marketing" talk at Twin Cities Drupal Camp

Digital Impact Optimization™ is all about getting users to act – whether it's getting them to your website via search or paid advertising in the first place, or, once they arrive, getting them to take desired, valuable actions and follow important journeys on your website, such as filling out the "contact us" form, purchasing a product, and the like. 

Seth at Drupal Camp Twin Cities

Presenting At Drupal Camp In Minneapolis

Besides being a proponent of the Open Web in general, I'm specifically a big fan of the Drupal Community. The community has played a big part in keeping me involved in Drupal since I discovered it more than 6 years ago. The local Drupal community, in particular, has been a constant source for new tools, new ways of working, and even new ways of thinking. I don't know where I'd be without the community, but I'd certainly be a lot less mature as a developer.

Twin Cities Drupal Camp

The Group Learning Experience For Drupalers

Day one of the Twin Cities Drupal Camp 2014 started with a wide choice of training sessions aimed at all levels of Drupal knowledge and experience. These training sessions were provided free, and are a great example of the ethos of sharing knowledge that has been a mainstay of the Drupal community. It's fabulous to be here and to be learning at the pace that suits us best as individuals.

The Group Learning Experience For Drupalers

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