Clients Will Love Drupal 8 Because...

The buzz about Drupal 8 is real, and the upgrade is ready for primetime.

At ORIGIN EIGHT, we are proud to have a talented and diverse development team with lots of experience of working with client partners in a multitude of industries. We asked them what they thought clients would like about Drupal 8 and we got some enthusiastic feedback. Here is a compilation of responses that reveal concrete benefits that clients will appreciate:


Clients Will Love Drupal

Drupal Performance Testing Case Study

Recently, a client came to us asking for help with performance problems. The reported problem was simple: the homepage loaded really slowly on mobile devices! As developers, we know that bug reports frequently hide a lot of complexity. Performance problems are no different, and they can fool us, too. Site performance issues can implicate as much as, oh, ALL of the code. So, when we see a slow page, what do we try to fix?

Drupal Performance Boost

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