Drupal vs Sitecore: It's 2018, Which Should I Choose?

"Sitecore vs Drupal" – it's a tricky topic, but one differentiator is critical:

Drupal is free, and built by a worldwide community. Sitecore has licensing fees, and is built by a company.

So what? Some will mention how Sitecore saves development costs by providing more features "out of the box" in its core

It's 2018, Should I Choose Sitecore or Drupal?

Why Drupal Remains a Leading CMS in 2018

The digital landscape is changing, and with it are increasing demands on content management systems (CMSes) and organizations to keep pace with consumer needs. Users are demanding more personalized experiences, greater connectivity between devices, and more interactive elements in their web experiences. Organizations want websites that grow with your digital technology and business needs and help you achieve your goals.

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Drupal vs Wordpress: Best CMS in 2018

We love both Drupal and WordPress here at Origin Eight – we work with them about half-and-half on a daily basis across many industries, which gives us tons of great insight into the advantages and pitfalls of both platforms.

There is a lot of misinformation on the internet from non-technical or biased individuals who like to start flame wars, just like any good Mac vs PC or iPhone vs Android debate, as well as "PR problems" from which each platform unjustly suffers –– no, Drupal is not dead; far from it, and no, WordPress is not just for blogging. 

Drupal 8 vs WordPress

10 Tips For Creating Stellar Landing Pages

Landing pages are typically standalone web pages designed to funnel visitors to other pages or for lead generation. Your clients/customers may come to these pages from myriad sources including ads, social media or other marketing channels.

10 Tips For Creating Stellar Landing Pages

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