1Higher Education Specialists

We specialize in higher education as an industry, as we've had extensive experience with different educational institutions across the country.

2Our Higher Ed Clients

Many of our clients are in higher education. Below are a few of them.

3We Understand You

We understand the unique needs, strategies, and challenges of higher education institutions and their marketing teams. We're pros at supporting them to their fullest.



University of Minnesota, The Juilliard School, Cornell and Other High-profile Institutions

Origin Eight has a deep knowledge of the CMS platform architecture, design, governance and usability issues that are unique to Higher Education. Let us help you architect, support, or host your next big project or platform.

Relevant Capabilities

  • Strong user experience (UX) design & strategy team
    • We have a strong track record of simple, innovative UX design solutions to complex higher ed problems
  • Graphic design & branding
    • We are keeping track of visual design trends and issues of branding in higher education
    • Beautiful designs for Higher Ed that bring a high level of professionalism and uniqueness to your digital presence
  • Highly collaborative development model
    • Allows us to work on projects in tandem with in-house resources at your university or college


A Few Examples of Our Work in Higher Ed

O8 UX Services

Hype Cycle for Education: Data-driven Drupal User Interface

The hype cycle is an analytic model developed by the IT research and consultation firm, Gartner Incorporated, to describe the development, adoption, and diffusion of technologies in particular market sectors. Based on Gartner's analysis of the technology lifecycle, the Hype Cycle for Education tool will enable members of the University community to continuously monitor emerging academic technologies as they progress along the innovation curve and evaluate the advantages of those tools and practices in relation to the University’s mission.

UMN Hype Cycle

Supercomputing Institute Drupal Development

The Minnesota Supercomputing Institute seeks to provide researchers at the University of Minnesota access to high-performance computing resources and user support to facilitate successful and cutting-edge research in all disciplines, help researchers attract funding, contribute to undergraduate and graduate education, and benefit the broader community.

MSI is committed to expanding and developing the types of service it offers in order to continue to play its key support role across the growing spectrum of scientific fields.

Minnesota Supercomputing Institute

Great Lakes Silviculture Library - Drupal 7 Redesign and Ongoing Support

This site is designed to help forest managers from Michigan, Minnesota, Ontario, and Wisconsin exchange silviculture prescriptions, including the outcomes of actual on-the-ground management activities.

Origin Eight built an online repository for silviculture prescriptions for foresters across the three state region to share best practices with one another for the management of forest resources.

Great Lakes Silviculture Library