We Do Drupal Right

  • Our team is comprised of true Drupal experts, with team members who've been around since the early days of Drupal, including our CEO.

  • We're active Drupal community participants and Drupal Association members – check out our company page on Drupal.org.

  • We’re regular attendees at DrupalCons and other national and international conferences, as well as being active locally to help organize, sponsor and promote events and camps.


Why Drupal 8

  • Drupal 8 is one of the most future-proof platforms you can choose right now:

    • There is a large, worldwide supporting Drupal community that's not going away anytime soon.

    • It has an open source foundation, without any vendor lock-in.

    • It has a new release cycle architecture that allows Drupal 8 to evolve much more than its predecessor. It also prolongs the need for another major version (i.e. Drupal 9). Some have made the bold statement that there will never be a Drupal 9 – what that translates to is that, when Drupal 9 is eventually released, it will be so similar to the last version of Drupal 8 that updating to Drupal 9 will be as simple as updating between minor versions of Drupal 8. This is a huge deal.


A Few of Our Highly Successful Drupal Projects


Higher Ed Drupal Design & Development

Origin Eight collaborated with the University of Minnesota on a project that leveraged our user experience design expertise to deliver an innovative system for filtering sentencing guidelines, comparing jurisdictions and serving as a repository for sentencing guidelines and other documents from across the USA.

UMN Robina Sentencing

Rebranding & Site Rebuild: LED Lighting Manufacturer

Origin Eight did a full-scale rebranding and development of an English version of the company's Japanese web site with multi-lingual capabilities ready to reach a global audience. Our highly-effective collaborative wireframing, prototyping, design approval and project management allow us to work with multiple stakeholders in both the US and Japan as we continue to grow the web presence for the company.

Japan Magnets Inc.

Supercomputing Institute Drupal Development

The Minnesota Supercomputing Institute seeks to provide researchers at the University of Minnesota access to high-performance computing resources and user support to facilitate successful and cutting-edge research in all disciplines, help researchers attract funding, contribute to undergraduate and graduate education, and benefit the broader community.

MSI is committed to expanding and developing the types of service it offers in order to continue to play its key support role across the growing spectrum of scientific fields.

Minnesota Supercomputing Institute

Responsive, Multi-Lingual Enterprise Website

The OurFamilyWizard® website provides parents with a new way to manage all of the details that come with shared parenting. It is a unique website designated to facilitating communications between divorced or separated parents. Our Family Wizard is committed to removing conflict and improving the lives of the children involved, decreasing the need for involvement of courts, judges, attorneys, and other industry professionals.

Our Family Wizard

Great Lakes Silviculture Library

This site is designed to help forest managers from Michigan, Minnesota, Ontario, and Wisconsin exchange silviculture prescriptions, including the outcomes of actual on-the-ground management activities.

Origin Eight built an online repository for silviculture prescriptions for foresters across the three state region to share best practices with one another for the management of forest resources.

Great Lakes Silviculture Library

Drupal Development From Provided Design

Our team created a Drupal website for Atomic Data from initial wireframes and PSDs provided to us. We were fast and efficient, creating a new website with an upgraded look and much easier content management, all within a small timeframe.

Atomic Data