The Foundation: Content Strategy

Content strategy is the bedrock of any growth-oriented website. The right content in the right place can drive growth. The very words that you use on important calls to action can make all the difference. Content is key; O8DX is designed and built with this in mind. 

Post-launch performance of an O8DX Drupal site
Post-launch performance of an O8DX site


How we sprint

Design in record time

Every O8DX implementation involves a 1-week design "sprint" developed by Google. The sprint is a five-day process for answering your critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas. It's utilizes a time-tested mix of business strategy, innovation, behavior science, and design thinking.

Working together with your stakeholders, we can shortcut the endless-debate cycle of a typical design process and compress months of time into a single week. Instead of waiting to launch to learn from what was built, you’ll get clear data from a realistic prototype right away. The sprint gives you a superpower: You can fast-forward into the future to see your finished product and customer reactions, before making any expensive commitments.

Optimized for search

Our platform is designed to be conducive to solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) “out-of-the-box” and the architecture encourages site builders to implement good SEO practices in their workflows. SEO-friendly naming conventions, correct tagging of content, and focus on accessibility are all built in, in order to help search engines find and catalog your site, which is a critical foundation for high rankings. 

SEO integrated

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