You want to be trained for your unique needs and digital ecosystem. 

Who wants to learn from generic WordPress instructional videos? How about "How to use Drupal 101"? Do you enjoy reading and referencing training manuals or stale digital courses? Not many people answer these questions affirmatively.

As a stakeholder in your digital experience, you need training not only after but as the experience is produced.

We involve you and your team in the production, doing screen shares, answering questions as they arise over Slack and Zoom video conference calls, performing digital whiteboarding sessions, or in-person with visual aides and diagrams. 

There is no better training than being there for you, as you need it, personalized to your unique digital experience.

Your digital experience was custom-built – why would you think that generic training applies well to such a customized ecosystem? 

For very complex situations, we can definitely do training at scale, producing eLearning libraries and lessons. However, for the majority of situations, we find that dynamic, co-created, just-in-time training is far superior to stale video, text, and course libraries. 

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