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Origin Eight is a web technology company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the United States. We are a remarkable, full-service Drupal & open source consulting group specializing in virtual-client collaboration and client-accessible development capacity expansion. We build original, custom web solutions, with a collective level of skill that is unmatched by any single individual.


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Originating Creativity

Original Web Technology
Full-service Agency, Original Solutions

Not only do we have the creativity and diverse pool of skills to dream up a solution to your toughest problems in the style of a traditional agency, we have the technical and design skills and resources to implement them in a custom, best-in-class, original fashion, without the cost and bulk associated with traditional agencies. Meet our core team to find out more about us.

Our creative capabilities

  • Wireframing & planning
  • Photoshop & design services
  • Mobile sites & apps
  • SEO optimization and reporting
  • Social media campaigns & integration
  • Inbound marketing
  • Monetization and business consulting
  • Interactive & interface design
  • User experience & usability assessments

Infinite Possibility

Limitless endeavors

The web is not comprised of one technology. We recommend the right toolset for all projects, from planning stages to production, and are well-equipped to solve complex business problems in terms of both consulting and implementation. Accordingly, we immerse ourselves in industry best practices, the newest trends and innovative conversations.

Our technical capabilities

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Work for us. Win at life.

Work for us. Win at life.

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At Origin Eight, we live Open Source

It's more than tools; it's community

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"First of all, thanks so much for all the great help and support as of late. Justin is awesome and has really helped smooth some of our existing bumps out, and quickly. Much appreciated. - by Laurie Healy, VP or Marketing at Jump Technologies".

"We couldn't have done what we did without the significant contributions from Origin Eight. You guys were responsive and helpful, and dedicated to the project. You all performed wonderfully. - by Tunde Giwa, CTO of The Juilliard School".

"It's amazing that I've lived on this planet for so long and I didn't know it was possible to get so many wonderful people working together to achieve something good. - by Nhamo Katedza, Japan Magnets Inc".